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What is Plover?

Plover is an exploration brand free from limitations, judgments and expectations.

You want to explore; to build a life utterly of your choosing.

Plover is with you.

Not for us the pressure to be perfect. What is ‘perfect’, anyway?

We believe process is where the living is, and we strive to inject grace, simplicity, ease and beauty into everyday life.

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What do we do?

We provide products and services to support exploration.

And by exploration, we mean everything from sailing the globe to slipping into the back garden to gaze upon homegrown tomatoes.

Services We Offer

How do we do it?

With services that make time in your life.

This summer, visit the Plover camp caravan and we’ll do your laundry while you tell us your story. There will be paddleboards for the borrowing, magazines for the reading and space to just sit and be still.

With products that go with you.

Plover will pour you a fresh kombucha tea, fill a pack with travel staples and send you on your way with sustainable, house-freshening loveliness.

Find Plover

Why do we do it?

Plover is a brand that supports all people as they choose their own adventures. A brand that gathers creative collaborators to deliver simple items of wonder and function.

You choose. Plover is here.

And here you are, too.

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